The Boy Who Cried Wolf Movie


May 31, 2007

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf Movie

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Movie

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Movie is a mini-film.


In the wilderness, the animals are holding a meeting to fight back against the farmer, with a sheep saying they have put with him too long and have to do something since he has decided it is time to fight back. A wolf announces they will chop off his head, hang him, chop off his face, light him on fire, then kill him, to which they all agree with (including the Monkey Thing). A frog smoking a cigarette tells everyone to listen up and to crowd around as he begins to organize their plan.

Later that morning, Skippy is walking around on a farm, hating his job as a farmer as he keeps stepping on cow poop and is extremely bored since nothing ever happens. He soon encounters R2-D2. While the hunters are running around in the background, Skippy tells R2 how his situation is boring and that he hates his life, wishing to find a bridge and jump off it, to R2's agreement.

Later, Skippy is counting grains of sand when the sheep suddenly jumps up and greets Skippy. He then suggests he call out that there is wolf to the hunters so they can come out running and says they would look pretty stupid. After Skippy asks him if that is really what he wants him to do, the sheep confirms it. He says it might be worth a try and that he will try it since he is bored.

As he prepares, Skippy says it is stupid. After counting to 3, he screams out, "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLF!!!!!". As the hunters rush out of the woodwork in a panic, Skippy laughs to himself and keeps calling out. When one of the hunters comes to his aid and asks what is wrong with him, Skippy laughs at him, calling him stupid. Angered that they were fooled, the hunters storm off. One of the hunters says to not come next time Skippy cries wolf, to which they agree.

Skippy is still laughing about his trick, when a wolf suddenly appears. He asks if somebody called for a wolf, to which a nervous Skippy says no. The wolf replies, "Too bad! It's dinner time!". Shaking in fear, Skippy turns to the camera and says, "STUPID!".