Special #3 - Skippy: The Movie!?!?


May 3, 2007

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Special 3 - Skippy The Movie!?!?

Special 3 - Skippy The Movie!?!?

"Special #3 - Skippy: The Movie!?!?" is the 3rd special of the Skippy Shorts franchise.


Skippy says that a guy gave him a phone call the other day and told him they were going to make a movie. Skippy says the viewers are probably either shocked or confused by this, so he explains that he and Snap Kick Productions are teaming up to make a Hollywood movie. He shouts in excitement, then briefly laughs. Skippy tells the older puppets to move over since he is going to make a movie, which he says is going to be "stupid, great, funny, sad, angry, and wonderful". Skippy says he bets it will be a certain way as he introduces a teaser trailer for his movie.

The trailer opens to a black-and-white screenshot of the Snap Kicks Productions logo, then goes to a tagline that says, "A Movie More Awesome Than Anything EVER BEFORE." It then goes to the captions "Action!".

Finney shouts that the building is on fire and Skippy pops up and says he has got to save the babies.

The captions then say, "Mystery!".

Skippy says he has got the DNA evidence. It then goes to a clip of Cop saying they will get Skippy now and he laughs evilly.

The captions then say, "Horror!".

Jimbo tells Skippy not to go into a door. Skippy tells him he will be right back as he opens the door and lets out a high-pitched scream.

The captions then say, "Villiany!".

Iggy says Skippy is too powerful and that he and Mr. Chickenfinger have to stop him, to which he replies, "Yeeeeah".

The captions then say, "And MORE!".

Finney slams open a dollhouse door and he shouts, "Tidal wave!". Skippy pops out of the window and says once again he has got to save the babies. It then cuts to a clip of Cop saying, "We, the people, find you, the defendant Skippy...", then slams his hand down and finishes, "Guilty!". Skippy then shouts, "NOOOOOOOOO!". The captions then say, "coming soon" as Skippy is still shouting. Finally, the captions say, "to a theatre" and Skippy finishes the last of his shouting, ending the trailer.

Skippy says it will be exactly like that, but then says it might be somewhat or partially like that. He then says maybe a fraction of it, his "new little stridgen", a "farthing", or a "dragon" will be like that. A child laughing is heard laughing in the background and Skippy tells someone off-screen to shut the child up. Skippy says the movie business is hard already and he is exhausted. He then shouts, "STUPID!".