Skippy's Silent Short#1 - The Brout Monster


October 15, 2008

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Skippy's Silent Short



Skippy's Silent Short 1 - The Brout Monster

Skippy's Silent Short 1 - The Brout Monster

"Skippy's Silent Short#1 - The Brout Monster" is the 1st episode of Skippy's Silent Short.


A special news flash appears that warns people about the Brout Monster who, in the announcer's own words, will "rip out people's skull and eat their bones and then laugh about it." The announcer warns everyone about his one hideous eye because they will die if they take one look at it. He says it does not matter who they are since the Brout Monster will still manage to get them, whether they are an old man, a young man, a horse, a tiger, or even Dorothy and her friends (Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion). The announcer warns that the monster will find and kill you.

The announcer introduces a 1917 silent short film titled The Brout Strikes in the Night, directed by R. H. Rongo.

One day, Skippy and a princess are walking through the forest. Skippy asks if she has heard about the hideous Brout Monster that has been roaming around the forests. The princess tells Skippy they should not be out in the monster-infested forest because they could lose their insides to the Brout Monster. Skippy brushes this off, telling her not to worry and that he would wrestle Satan's 4-headed pitbull for her.

As they walk some more, the princess suddenly spots the Brout Monster and tells Skippy not to look at his eye. The duo scream in terror and run off. The princess gets scared because she had just looked at the eye and she says that it hurts so bad. Skippy tells the princess he cannot believe she looked since she is now monster dinner. The Brout Monster laughs evilly and makes weird noises. The princess screams and falls into the monster's hands. He then crunches on her head and takes off with her. Witnessing this, Skippy exclaims, "Crap!" and immediately sets off to save the princess.

Skippy Shorts The Brout Monster Captures the Princess

The Brout Monster about to take apart the princess' innards

In the next scene, the Brout Monster has the princess in his pot ins his dark cave and rips out her bones and skull, eating parts of them, and then throwing them away (at one point, he plays some of her bones on her like a drum while eating them).

Skippy soon arrives to look for the princess, only to bump into her and discover her dead in the pot, which makes him scream in terror. He finally shouts, "STUPID!" and the film ends.