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The Rhyming Bush is a character in the Skippy Shorts franchise. He only appeared in "Ask Skippy #18 - Middle Name," in which he helped Skippy and Finney on their quest to find Skippy's middle name and the other Finney.


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The Rhyming Bush is an all-knowing bush that speaks in rhymes (hence his name). He is very pleasant and kind as he assisted Skippy and Finney in their mission for what Skippy's middle name is in "Ask Skippy #18 - Middle Name."


Not much is known about the Rhyming Bush except for the fact that he emerges out of his pot to greet others and assist them with his rhymes.

As a puppetEdit

The Rhyming Bush is a bush puppet. He has a pair of eyes with a pink unibrow, a huge pink mouth, and is covered in leaves and roses.



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