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Pudding puffs, clam baits, biscuits, dancing, singing, telling stories, putting Clawverbro in her pudding puffs, Christmas


Marmalade, getting hurt or killed, thugs and gangsters, gangsters taking over the world, the Onion Ring of Doom



"I'm an antelope!"
―Nancy to Skippy[src]

Nancy, also known as Nancy the Parrot or Nancy the Talking Parrot, is a character in the Skippy Shorts franchise. She is a dim-witted, energetic macaw.

Nancy is the main protagonist of her question / answer show Ask Nancy.


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Nancy is extremely talkative, friendly, happy-go-lucky, sweet, gentle, clueless, kindhearted, and hyperactive. Everybody appears to find her quite irritating and do their best to avoid her at all times. Nancy is very unintelligent as she said to Skippy in "Ask Skippy #19 - Thugs and Gangsters" that she is an antelope. Another example is when she said to Rufus T.'s sister in "Angry Man Review - Burn After Reading" that she is the "prettiest boy she's [Nancy] seen since Christmas", which ended with her killing Nancy with her anvil (as her brother had told her to) and then killing herself with it.

Nancy has an intense love for clam baits. She also despises marmalade.

Sometimes, she can be a bit antagonistic as she would annoy other characters to no end with her personality and stupidity.


Nancy's favorite foods are clam baits — as well as all sorts of things — and she hates marmalade (which she says hurts, as stated in "Angry Man Review - Burn After Reading"). In "Ask Skippy #20 - Clawverbro," she said that she puts Clawverbro in her pudding puffs.

In the episode "Angry Man Review - Burn After Reading," Nancy appeared to be killed off when Rufus called his sister to kill the bird for interrupting his show and refusing to leave when told. She was then stepped on by Rufus' sister before she committed suicide when she hit herself with her anvil. However, as the episodes progressed, Nancy had somehow come back to life — like most of the characters.

As a puppet

Nancy is a macaw puppet. Her black arm socket behind her legs is controlled by a puppeteer to control her.




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