Joe The Plumber - Vote Bush!


October 16, 2008

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Joe The Plumber - Vote Bush!

Joe The Plumber - Vote Bush!

"Joe The Plumber - Vote Bush!" is a Skippy Shorts video.


George W. Bush walks into his office and greets America, then introduces himself as "George W." He says the other people that are running for president are not so smart and that America should vote for him since he is the only smart one. Bush says that another reason why they should vote for him is because he knows Joe the Plumber. He says one last time to vote for him and laughs. The scene then cuts to a screenshot of Bush on a banner, with an announcer saying, "This video serves as proof that George W. Bush does in fact know Joe the Plumber and, a bunch of other people as well!".

The scene then goes to Joe the Plumber introducing himself and his wife Doris the Housewife. A kid then shows up and introduces himself as Frank the Junior High Drop-Out. Then an old man arrives and introduces himself as "Steven the Retired Old Man That Nobody Cares About." A clown then shows up and introduces herself as Britney the Crazy Clown. Then Shaggy and Scooby show up and introduce themselves as well. Other people Bush knows include Condor the King, Iggy, Nancy, and finally, Groggle.