Baby Doll


July 18, 2008

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Baby Doll

Baby Doll

"Baby Doll" is a Skippy Shorts video.


Skippy greets everyone in "YouTube Land". He tells them he has been getting a lot of weird questions about things lately and would like to answer them all at some point in time, but says he would really like to answer one of them right now. Skippy says that people keep asking him if he is scared of anything, but he denies it ("No monsters, no old ladies, no toothless dudes with hair coming out of their ears!"). When he mentions the "toothless dudes", it cuts to a scene of a toothless man with hair sticking out of his ears, with music playing in the background.

Skippy says that not even the gas prices scare him or anything like that. Although he does say there is one thing that scares him: Ever since he was a little boy, back in his uncle Geppetto's shop, he has always had a fear of the plastic babies because they do not say anything and they just stare at people. He says every time you lay them down, they sleep, and every time you sit them up, they stare "right through your soul". Skippy says it is the scariest thing he's ever seen and just thinking about it makes him wanna stand up and barf up. He says that he hasn't seen one in years and he's glad because they just terrify him. Suddenly, a baby doll appears and this makes Skippy let out a scream of terror as he runs away and jumps out a window. Finney then shows up and tells the doll named Tabitha that Skippy sure was scared of her and does an evil laugh. He asks his "very best friend" what they should do next and Tabitha turns and whispers something in Finney's ear. Finally, Finney wants to do it and he tells her to bring out the cups and he will get the tea and the cookies. Tabitha whispers something else in his ear for a brief second and Finney tells the viewers that Skippy is a sissy and he and Tabitha then leave.

The "SKIPPYSHORTS!" logo then appears with Skippy shouting, "STUPID!".