Ask Skippy #9 - The Moon


March 14, 2007

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Ask Skippy 9 - The Moon

Ask Skippy 9 - The Moon

"Ask Skippy #9 - The Moon" is the 9th episode of Ask Skippy.


A user called Alex Evans 666 has written to Skippy and, while reading his username, Skippy starts trembling in fear and immediately begins freaking out when he notices the numbers 666. The scene then goes to a scenario of dark and creepy scenes of a terrified Skippy being tortured and whimpering and crying in fear, with the Devil's evil laughter in the background as scary music plays.

The scene goes back to normal and Skippy proceeds to read the email, which says, "1up dawg, the name's alexevans666," but Skippy cuts himself off at "alexevans" and skips the numbers 666 as he doesn't want to encounter the scary scene like before. He continues to read the email, which says, "luv the vids wanna say that u mention me, or ask any of my questions is the moon made out of cheese??? P.S. I am one of ur first listeners." Skippy excuses himself while he knocks his brain back into place because Alex Evans has completely "butchered the English language" and then repeatedly bangs his head against the wall and says it feels better now. He goes back to the question if the moon is made out of cheese and tells Alex that it is made out of salt.

The scene goes to a logo that reads, "Science Time with skippy." It then flips to another logo that says, "What The Moon Is Made Out Of for reals!". After Skippy explains in a fast pace, he tells the viewers they must be stupid if they did not even know that since it is so obvious that the moon is not made out of cheese and that they have cheese with milk. Then Skippy shouts, "STUPID!".

The scene switches to a montage that says, "Send Skippy Your Questions And He Will Answer Them! ASK SKIPPY@HOTMAIL.COM." Then the "SKIPPYSHORTS.COM" logo appears.