Ask Skippy #4 - Cheesy Questions


February 3, 2007

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Ask Skippy 4 - Cheesy Questions

Ask Skippy 4 - Cheesy Questions

"Ask Skippy #4 - Cheesy Questions" is the 4th episode of Ask Skippy.


A user called JoshJay24824 writes to Skippy (who responded to his username by asking him if he is a robot) and says, "skippy rules!!! Skippy, whats your last name? AND where are you from? AND WHAT DO YOU THINK OF CHEESE??". After asking why he capitalized his last sentence, Skippy says he does rule and does a head bang in slow motion, with rock music playing in the background. Afterwards, he tells JoshJay24824 that his last name is Shorts. He also tells him he is from England, asking him if he could hear his "accent". Skippy proceeds to tell JoshJay24824 that he likes all kinds of cheese, such as string cheese, cottage cheese, etc.
Skippy Smiling

Skippy smiling for the camera

He also says that another thing he likes about cheese is that it always makes him smile because his mother would sometimes come with a camera and tells him she is going to take a picture of him and to smile for the camera and say cheese, so Skippy does so. Then he shouts, "STUPID!".

The scene switches to a montage that says, "Send Your Questions To Skippy And He Will Answer Them! Or send a youtube message!".