Ask Skippy #3 - Games


January 30, 2007

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Ask Skippy 3 - Games

Ask Skippy 3 - Games

"Ask Skippy #3 - Games" is the 3rd episode of Ask Skippy.


Double days ago, a user called misterm1ke (which Skippy said is an odd name) wrote to Skippy and said, "hey :P i got a question :D you play any games like counterstrike source :D". Skippy says he only understood half of it, but thinks misterm1ke is asking if he [Skippy] plays online video games; so Skippy says no, although he has a new hobby he picked up a couple years ago and does it whenever he is not talking to misterm1ke called Time Travel. He cackles and says it's great and tells misterm1ke to watch him form force for him right now. Skippy says he is going to jump back 7 seconds. He counts, "1, 2, 3, GO!" and tells misterm1ke to watch him form it for him. Again, Skippy counts, "1, 2, 3, GO!", but ends up facing the wall. Skippy apologizes, saying he sometimes comes back in backwards. Skippy thanks misterm1ke for the email and tells him to keep sending him questions and to have a good day. Then Skippy shouts, "STUPID!".

The scene switches to a montage that reads, "Send Your Questions To Skippy And He Will Answer Them! Or send a youtube message!".