Ask Skippy #15 - Hillary Clinton Bacon


January 26, 2008

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Ask Skippy 15 - Hillary Clinton Bacon

Ask Skippy 15 - Hillary Clinton Bacon

"Ask Skippy #15 - Hillary Clinton Bacon" is the 15th episode of Ask Skippy.


A user called THOMAS FOLEY has written to Skippy and says, "skippy! its me foley! what would you do? if you saw hillary clinton riding on a possum singing BRING HOME the BACON?!". Skippy says he would probably grab a couple of bowl of spoons first and gouge his eyeballs out from his sockets so he would never have to see "that hideous creature" riding upon "that poor, defenseless possum" again. Skippy says it must be disgusting and asks if the viewers can imagine Hillary Clinton riding on a possum as he believes it is like a horror movie. Afterwards, he says he would then grab molten hot lava and shove it into his ears. He says if he can still hear after that, he would probably take a tractor and run it over his head and smoosh it 67 times. If that did not work, he would then jump off the top of the tallest cliff possible and hurl himself into a big, jagged rock area and says he hopes that would do it. Then he says if none of that worked, he would give in and be forced to listen to Hillary singing since he has never heard the song "Bring Home the Bacon" before, although it does not sound pretty.

The scene cuts to Greg Harrisberg and Jack Rennon on a television set, with Harrisberg announcing that up next is Hillary Clinton riding on a possum singing "Bring Home the Bacon." It goes to Hillary on a possum's back and she starts to sing the song. At one point, the possum says through a speech balloon, "PLEASE.. KILL ME!".

After the song ends, Skippy immediately lets out a high-pitched, screeching scream and explodes. However, Skippy reappears and shouts, "Stupid!".

The scene goes to the "SKIPPYSHORTS" logo appearing onscreen.