Ask Skippy #14 - Like You


July 29, 2007

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Ask Skippy 14 - Like You

Ask Skippy 14 - Like You

"Ask Skippy #14 - Like You" is the 14th episode of Ask Skippy.


A user called Nenny267 <3. writes to Skippy and asks him, "CAN I BE YOU? WHEN I GROW UP?". Skippy tells him that he, of course, can and that it is simple and easy and shows him how. Finney, who is typing fast on a computer, says that all the viewers need is their Being Just Like Skippy Kit and then shows them how. Skippy says that the Skippy Kit comes with a whole variety of items and the viewers need to become "the Skipster himself" and Finney says it is a low price of $99999999999999999. Skippy asks Finney if that is it, but he says, "Nope." and finishes it with 9.02. Shocked, Skippy says that is cheap and Cop declares that such a deal should be illegal.

As Finney is about to say what the Skippy Kit includes, Skippy appears and lists off various items, which is a pair of shades, a red cap, "one big, fat, stupid chicken" (who pops up and exclaims, "Yeeeeah!"), a gas mask, a gladiator shield (just in case), a Bette Midler boa (which Skippy doesn't know why), a duck, "one sissy boy sweater from Granite Winner", an orange gun (which is really fake, though he shoots Finney {by accident} and Cop with it), an authentic O.J. Simpson glove, a Barbara Bush mask, "a friend" (Finney) that looks just like President George W. Bush (really a mask worn by Finney), a Santa outfit, a "gypsy" outfit (which Skippy doesn't really know what it is), a green sock, a Viking, a gentle Viking, a Super Beaver mask, a feather duster on "an unusually large black stick" (which Skippy knew that the viewers thought he was making it up), a blue cowboy hat for bath time (which he finishes with a thick Southern-accented laugh), a big bundle of dancing roses, confetti (which he throws out from his mouth), and finally, an "extra fuzzy, extra dusty, extra weird, extra tall purple thingamajiggerwhopperthingamaknocker".

The scene cuts to a picture of the Skippy Kit, with the announcer saying that while it may not include all of the previous items and the items onscreen, the Skippy Kit may also include a ham sandwich. A voice then says, "Oh, gosh! I want one!". The announcer concludes, "Buy yours today, stupid!".

Impressed, Finney asks Skippy if all those things will really make him just like him. In response, Skippy chuckles nervously and confesses that it will not. Then Skippy shouts, "STUPID!".

The scene switches to a montage that says, "Send Your Questions To Skippy And He Will Answer Them! Or send a youtube message!".