Another Skippy Update!


June 6, 2008

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Another Skippy Update!

Another Skippy Update!

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The episode opens with a montage that says, "A WORD FROM YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD FINNEY."

Finney greets the viewers and tells them that a lot of exciting things have been happening at Skippy Shorts lately and that they just finished recording for their desk caught on Torrent TV and are currently building a new, but the viewers already knew that. Finney says he just wanted the viewers to know that they now have a brand-new message board where they can talk about Skippy Shorts and anything else their hearts desire. He says that he will see them there when they do and tells them to check it out at Finney orders the viewers to be there or be "circulared", but then corrects himself and says "triangulared". However, he starts to correct himself again, only to awkwardly pause and never find the correct word.

The scene goes to a montage saying, "LOG ON TO and talk to Skippy, Finney, and other SkippyShorts Fans!". It then goes back to the montage from the beginning of the episode that said, "A WORD FROM YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD FINNEY."