A Skippy Update


April 1, 2008

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A Skippy Update

A Skippy Update

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The scene opens with salsa music playing, but it stops and goes to a record scratch when Finney suddenly appears in the bathroom. He greets the viewers and welcomes them to Skippy Shorts: Behind the Scenes. He says he is in the same bathroom that they shot the famous Emo Skippy Myspace picture, which is behind the scenes trivia for the viewers. He proceeds to say that Skippy isn't here this week. When an offscreen woman asks if he went on vacation, Finney says yes. Since "the Skipster" isn't here, Finney decided to host a very special episode of Skippy Shorts: Behind the Scenes, where they show the viewers things they were never meant to see and he stares in terror for a moment as dramatic music plays. Suddenly, the music stops and Finney introduces the first and special announcement from Iggy Iguana.

Iggy tells the viewers that the new Skippy Shorts website is going to be the best thing they ever saw and that it is going to be amazing and going to have high quality videos, character bios, message boards, downloads, and secret stuff they cannot see on YouTube, T-shirts, DVDs, CDs, and other cool stuff. A duck says, "Heavens to Betsy!" and he asks Mr. Chickenfinger if he would buy all that Skippy stuff, to which he replies, "Yeeeeah!". Finney says that if a chicken wants to buy a Skippy DVD, the only question is if the viewers would.

Iggy says there are a few more announcements. He says Skippy is accepting all of the viewers' questions again and to send them and maybe they could answer. He says if they want to email Skippy, the link is no longer He says Skippy was apparently kind of weirded out by having his email associated with the words "hot" and "mail." The scene cuts to Skippy screaming, with 5 men standing behind him, with words on top saying: "HOTMALE.COM." Iggy says Skippy's new email is and that it is simple and easy. He tells the viewers to send their questions. Iggy says if they would like to email Finney, they could email him at Iggy also says that Skippy Shorts is going to try to get more episodes out every Friday.

Before Finney could say all that is left, he asks what Skippy says at the end of every episode. He says, "Intelligent," but corrects himself and says, "Smart," but then says, "Ingenious." He suddenly remembers and he shouts in Skippy's voice, "STUPID!".

The scene cuts to the "SKIPPYSHORTS!" logo.

Before the episode ends, a scared Finney looks around frantically and says the voice wasn't him and doesn't know where it came from.