#9 - Dora The Explorer


January 16, 2007

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Skippy's Short Stories



9 - Dora The Explorer

9 - Dora The Explorer

"#9 - Dora The Explorer" is the 10th episode of Skippy's Short Stories.


Skippy tells the story about a young Mexican girl named Dora walking around and talking in Spanish. She decides to go look for something to do. Dora is bored because she doesn't have any friends since they do not speak English. Her friend is a monkey who wears a pair of boots, so she calls him Boots.

Later, she asks how do they get where they want to go and gets the idea to ask the map in her backpack, to which a dumbfounded and confused Skippy exclaims, "What?!".

Then "Monkey" (Boots), Dora, Map, and Backpack walk around and find a weasel called Swiper who wants to steal Dora's stuff. Dora tells him, "Swiper no swiping!", everything in English and Spanish. Skippy says it was all confusing and his kid was walking around and said, "I wanna piece of your akina!" and Skippy says he wants to stand down and watch it since The Bill Cosby Show was in Spanish. Then he shouts, "STUPID!".