#2-The Boy Who Cried Wolf


December 29, 2006

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Skippy's Short Stories



2-The Boy Who Cried Wolf

2-The Boy Who Cried Wolf

"#2-The Boy Who Cried Wolf" is the 2nd episode of Skippy's Short Stories.


Skippy tells the story about a young boy who constantly cries for help, exclaiming there is a wolf and the people from the village come running out to save the boy. They ask the boy what is wrong with him, but he replies, "Nothin'!" and laughs. Skippy then says, "Stupid!".

The next day, the boy cries for help again and the villagers come out to save the boy and ask him what is wrong with him, but the boy once again laughs and says, "Nothin'!".

The next day, a real wolf appears and viciously tells the boy he is going to bite his face off. Immediately, the shocked and terrified boy loudly cries for his parents and the villagers to come help him and scare the wolf away. Unfortunately, no one comes to the boy because they do not believe him anymore, believing him to be lying once again. Skippy then shouts, "STUPID!".