#17 - Britney Spears


April 21, 2007

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17 - Britney Spears

17 - Britney Spears

"#17 - Britney Spears" is the 18th episode of Skippy's Short Stories.


Skippy tells the story of a girl named Britney Spears who is real sweet and talented and makes everyone smile and love her. She makes herself be real famous and a big star. Skippy says that Britney does stuff on Disney Channel, Mickey Mouse Club, hangs out with "Christina Aguilera-laka-laka" and "Justin Timberfoot", and people like her and start singing with her. Everyone says that Britney is wonderful, so they plan to get her famous.

One day, Britney is walking to the mall and says she "did it again". But then she gets the idea to run off to Vegas and she gets married. 7 seconds later, she tells her husband she doesn't love him anymore and she asks what is he thinking since she is Britney Spears, then dumps him.

Britney decides to go to a trailer park and find herself a "real man". She goes there and finds a man named "K-Fed-bada-bada", who greets the paparazzi. Britney says he is just the guy she is looking for and tells him that he is beautiful and lovely.

Afterwards, Britney and "K-Fed-bada-bada" get married and have two babies. Her husband greets everyone and Britney gets fed up and tells him she doesn't love him anymore and she is going to shave her head with shears. Britney tells "K-Fed-bada-bada" that she wants a divorce and he agrees and tells Britney he wants all her money. A devastated Britney cannot believe he is going to take her money and she says she is going to shave her head again.
Skippy Shorts Britney Spears Skippy Bald

Skippy revealing himself as bald

Then Skippy jerks his head so hard his hair comes off and shows himself as bald. Britney shouts her name and loudly greets people. Skippy then shouts, "STUPID!".