December 29, 2006

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Skippy's Short Stories





"#1-Goldilocks" is the 1st episode of Skippy's Short Stories.


Skippy tells the story of a little girl who has golden hair named Goldilocks. She goes through the forest and says she is going to go inside because she feels cold.

Goldilocks hides in a big bear house that Skippy says was probably a cave or something. She decides to go eat some food, but when she tries the first porridge, it is too hot. When she tries the second one, it is cold. When she gets to the last one, it is just right and she eats it all up. Soon, Goldilocks becomes tired and wants to go sit down. When she tries the first one, it is too big. She tries the second one, but it is too hard. When she gets to the last one, it is just right and she rocks back and forth in it. Then she decides to take a nap and goes upstairs. When she gets on the first big bed, Goldilocks isn't comfortable. So she tries the medium-sized bed, but still isn't comfortable. When she gets on the small bed, she falls fast asleep.

Later on, the bears return to their house and one of them asks who ate their porridge. One of them says it is hot, another one says it is cold, and the last one says it is eaten up. Then they discover that she sat in their chairs. The bears proceed to go upstairs and find out that she slept in their beds and another one of them discovers that Goldilocks is still asleep in the little bed; however, he says she is so pretty and has golden hair. However, another one of the bears brushes it off by saying that is "real cool". Then Skippy shouts, "STUPID!".